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"I thought the concept of paying for a coach in this space seemed like a total waste of money. Working with Paul has been an absolute game changer for me. Not only did we take my body to the next level to prepare for my triathlon, but my mindset was elevated to an entirely new level." - Kevin
Initially was a little nervous. I had a negative relationship with food, but working in the program helped me realize food is fuel. I very much feel like I've repaired my relationship with food. - Sarah
"I am essentially a transformed person inside and out. The cherry on top is that I have a completely new physique. I just wanted to thank Paul for taking all that time to pour himself into me and help me understand what I really want out of life and helping me change the status quo." - Eamon
At my friend’s birthday party this weekend, I had multiple people tell me how good I looked and how happy I seemed, which was nice. Everything I am doing is for me, but that's ALWAYS nice to hear - hard work pays off 
I run a team of 8 business development reps, and we recently went through a major org shift as a result of acquisition. With this came a shift in org goals, where the "why" was easily communicated but the path to get there was still unclear. I decided to implement the "belief, actions, vision" exercise I did with Paul, and use it in one of my team meetings. I was able to help visualize how a shift in vision was going to affect our actions in how we got there, which all would be dictated by our beliefs. My team's morale improved and there was overall a sense of relief!
I swear by his style of coaching…. with weekly check-ins, adjustments to my personalized program, and goal setting, not only have I had noticeable physical changes but also a stronger mentality as well
My strength improvements have been tremendous. I started out only benching 185 ONCE, now I just put up my all time PR of 240.

I'm officially down 10 pounds! And feeling stronger than ever and filling out my shirts.

Stress level are lowest they have been in years, and I’m sleeping better. Bulging disc in my back is still an issue but it is the best it has felt in over 4 years!
Having my workouts done for me is so nice. I save at least an hour a day not needing to think about what to do. It’s the minimum effective dose and it frees me up to be thinking about other things.
Paul is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and is dedicated to his clients! I would strongly encourage you reach out to him and his team if you are committed to taking your health and fitness to the next level!
Feeling good about how I physically look. I can see changes happening, even evident in the photos
Had my annual review. Probably the best of my career. ECP program has definitely contributed - the reverse dieting and dedicating time to myself is really paying off.
[With the program] I was always trying to up what I did every week. I saw significant results from beginning to end. I've gotten a lot stronger.
Working with him and doing this holistic approach has seriously changed my life. I've seen it play out with my relationships and with my business selling real estate.
For four years, I struggled recovering from my running injuries & put on 20lbs. With the program,
I have lost 58 pounds in a year, and now weigh the same as my trim 16 year old self.
I am putting up 100lb on the DB presses now which is way more than I've ever done before.
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Book Your FREE Call w/ Paul Now & 
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